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What Is The Jackpot

Its size depends on the rules of the game and the stakes that made ??the player receiving the jackpot combination. For example, according to the rules, you will get $ 1000, if your minimum rate Slot-machine will give a certain combination. But if you bet 5 times more your winnings increase is not proportional to the rate (5 times) and with progression.

You will get, for example, $ 10,000 instead of $ 5,000, as logic dictates. And if you are the winning jackpot at the maximum possible rate, the progression may be winning all fantastic. But there is one "but": the progressive jackpot winning amount can not exceed a predetermined maximum value. Size prizes under the same conditions of its receipt is always the same.

Accumulative jackpot has significant difference. Its size is constantly changing and has no limit. Incremental amount of the jackpot is formed from casino profits. Actually, the cumulative version - is the percentage of casino profits, which it receives from the date of the previous payment of the jackpot until a new payment. The more time passed after the last payment, and the more games have been played, the greater the size of the current jackpot.

Popular is the jackpot, which is a combination of incremental and progressive. That is, players can not claim the entire amount accumulating jackpot, and a part of it, which increases progressively depending on the size of your bets. Today progressive jackpot accumulating most online casinos is a prize fund in the formation of which is involved not one single Slot-machine, or even a particular casino and gaming whole network: they combine the tens and hundreds of gaming establishments. Belonging to the same network can be identified by a related software .

The most frequently used programs developed by companies Micro gaming , Crypto logic , Plastic . Only from Micro gaming software product for today used by several hundreds of virtual casinos. Size of the jackpot inside gaming network can acquire a fantastic value. We are talking about hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.