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It also allows you to determine if you double down or split two equal cards. It is based on a comparison of the dealer's up card and the player's cards. There are variations of the basic strategy according to the rules of the house and the number of decks used. However, it applies to most U.S. casinos like Las Vegas. There are even tables letting you know what to do in different cases.

It is an effective method since it reduces the casino advantage to less than 1%. A second method is the counting cards. It identifies opportunities with the greatest chance of winning. It is a technique developed based on statistics of thousands of simulations. The possibilities are for the player to bet more when the cards in the deck are to his advantage or to use the information on the remaining cards to improve the basic strategy for specific hands. The best known system of counting cards is the Hi-Low system is one of the most simple and effective it is from the 60s when it was created by Edward Thorp.

Each card has a value of +1, 0 or -1. This mixing starts at zero cards. Logs and aces have a value of -1. 7, 8 and 9 count as zero and maps from February to June 1 each count. This technique is very effective as it gives the player an advantage of 0.5 to 1.5% on the house. However, its disadvantage is the need much training to master. It requires good mental arithmetic skills, good ability to focus without letting it see (the dealer or security) and of course a great sense of logic that will allow you to change the basic strategy as needed.

In real casinos such as, security and dealers are on the lookout for players who use strategies to fight and as it comes to methods that require training, it is important to be able to practice to improve and constantly improve. This is where the online casino can be very useful. It allows you to play for free without having to worry about not being caught and arrested by the security establishment. You can learn and improve your skills in these strategies in the comfort of your home. Even if you play for money, bonuses and promotions you will always make more parts that will allow you also to improve.