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Video Poker Aces at  and Faces online casino rules of video poker, called Aces and Faces, considered relatively simple, so beginners first visiting online casinos can study them without any problems. Since video poker provides activation of only one line, players wishing to learn the basics of video poker will be just a bet on a single line. Speaking of pay lines in gambling, called Aces and Faces, players will see that only one such line.

In situations where a lover of gambling entertainment has repeatedly played the slot machines, he quickly realizes the essence of video poker game with a single line. Regulars online casinos need only decide how many coins are best used to bet that will allow fans to get a certain amount of gambling winnings at a favorable outcome of the game.

For any of the varieties of video poker own characteristic features at . For example, the game Aces and Faces is different from other variations of poker presence of additional combinations of cards, which is represented in the payout table. The existence of such a combination allows fans of gambling entertainment to win a little more often than when the usual card games.

This combination consists of only two Jacks, king or queen, and Aces, and "picture cards" then adding three other foreign cards. Although this combination brings users online casinos minimum multiplier rates, the mere presence of a special combination becomes a significant advantage playing Aces and Faces.

Name of the game Aces and Faces with English can be translated into Russian as "Aces and Faces", so here we have in mind maps "persons" in the construction of the necessary card combinations. This Jacks, Queens and Kings, and gamblers need to have the right idea about all variations of card combinations to catch one of them to make of the cards held by the user on his hands. In the variety of video poker also provides for the possibility of doubling its own payoff, which is enough to choose risky bonus game offers fans excitement after each user, which is composed of a combination of cards. In this round, the user will have to pull out of the deck on the map screen, which will rank higher than the dealer's cards.