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In one way or another the excitement inherent in any person. Long ago, our ancestors had fun simple games "for fun": bone or a simplified version of modern backgammon. Then came the card and instantly won the hearts of lovers of gambling throughout the enlightened world.

However, any gambling game. In medieval Europe, even in chess played mainly on money, which angered the church authorities and led to several serious attempts to ban the enchanted game. So man was introduced to gambling for a long time and a long time to play them. There is a certain culture of gambling: the populace has long played in taverns and pubs, and breaking the rules, risking his health; know playing in castles, manors and salons and ensures fairness by its generic name.

Modern people prefer to play enchanted perhaps, few are aware of this, but the main reason for the popularity casino - it guarantee fair play and equal rules for all players. Someway casino - a model and a bulwark of democracy: anyone can come to the casino and on the general rules for all to try their luck.

But people go to casinos are not for democracy, but to get pleasure from gambling  and win a lot of money . And then the question arises: how much really beat the casino. Statistically casinos always win, obviously. In other words, if you find yourself not being singled out newbie's and the curious of average casino visitors, then most likely you will lose.  if you're not lucky. Can never be discounted item blind luck in the game, but no statistics to luck no matter - she has to deal with large numbers of visitors and weight. Besides the inability to deny access to the game, online casinos there is no way to control additional resources fully Player: someone tells him or not, he enjoys additional programs statistical calculations or not, uses a mathematical model or system or not. But if such a situation often develops resources are not in favor of the enchanted.