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The very atmosphere of brilliant gaming halls, the dealer, not just giving out prizes and tickets to almost enchanting new life sound that emit dice bravura march playing a roll jackpot and most importantly - money, easy money and hope receive them. About 90% of the players are the same allegations.

They play at the greedy goblines with the aim to let off steam and have fun along the way. I would like to believe, but roulette and relax - incompatible concepts. You can certainly imagine a hike in real institution, which provides for free booze, however, tranquility ends where the game begins. Casino visited specifically in order to win, veiled shiny tinsel.

Statistics - a stubborn thing. In Belgium the same profit real gambling begins to resemble avalanches precipitous drop, but the money being spent on the game are the same, only now on the internet sites where Belgians spend annually about 20 million euros. Around 25,000 people a month use the services of virtual casinos. «Gaming Commission», who controls the activities of operators in the state, with great difficulty can keep track of what is happening in the global industry.

The global market for greedy goblines adapted for mobile devices, has the potential to cross the threshold to $ 16 billion in six months. Like a lot of gigantic growth promotes development of technologies allowing to bid in real-time by combining peer networks. The most profitable entertainment in this area recognized sports betting and lotteries.

However, the interesting thing is that the industry itself specifically for gambling by and large, little has changed. If the strain memory, it turns out that not too long ago mass of printed newspapers and accounts for fixed telephony repeatedly outperformed today. With the development of the network, increasing access and improving mobile telecommunications man was too open and available for contacts and, sometimes, after a busy day, only desire becomes my ears, not even headphones and earplugs, and even disappear for a while in the depths of the apartment Slavonic on the couch.