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True Sheriff

It turns out that an exact count of play money makes some true sheriff sense. If you keep a permanent record of your losses and winnings , then at least we will soon find the true situation, i.e. the actual balance of the game. Most such "meticulous" players draw a lot of useful information from their books.

For example, a person feels cool professional, but still can not get a plus, and the books are very clear and can clear exactly when and where the money goes "meet." It is possible that major defeats occur when this our hero comes to the casino drunk, and maybe the role of "black hole" plays one very specific casino and then should think about the integrity of the game or just get this casino tenth expensive.

Exact calculation of the balance of play money and incredibly useful not only for professionals for their career growth: non-professional players can finally calculate and realize how much it costs and how much their hobby specifically money from its budget, they "give" in favor of the gambling houses .

True Sheriff not such a big amount and pleasant evenings spent gambling is much cheaper together with friends at a restaurant, so it pays to drop away the feeling of guilt and depravity. But it may be that the amount is too large, and gambling must tie as soon as possible, or such unfortunate player to shine in the future hospital for pathological gamblers and hard problems with angry creditors.

Particularly law-abiding citizens can, if desired, after the counting of chips even enter your type of income in income statement and submit this document to the tax office. Specifying this "kind of earnings", you should pay him 35% of the tax to the treasury, but if the balance at the end of the year will be negative, you can try to claim the same tax 35%, why not? (Then tell us that came out of your venture).