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The second common method of obtaining money under false pretenses - cashed a "guest" chip. In order to get the guests involved in the game, give some solid casino chips, the client can use for betting. Many foreign institutions give such chips is all we have but a few. For example, "Lox" has issued a further five chips, except those that provided input. Of course, the casino ensures that the original chips were on the field, but some enthusiasts "freebies" strive to bring their own expense for five or six people. Received chips, they make bets in roulette equilibrium (half-black, half-red), and returned the money remains with the profit in the form of guest chips. Such a guest for a while things go in the "Lox". Of course, among professional casino players such behavior is considered undignified, but is cashing sometimes allow themselves to even the members of the club.

In casino, there is another common scam that is, with lightning speed to catch throw a chip on the winning number almost simultaneously with the words dealer "No more bets." Group of Italians quite a long time to do this until recently in Moscow. They used a proven scheme distraction casino employees, and tried to put in time on the edge of winning the whole sector stack of chips.

Naturally, at the bottom was the biggest thing. Dealer collecting spatula upper chips, displayed at the bottom of a large, which must be paid the casino. For solid institutions disputes on such issues are unacceptable, and they are forced to pay for these chips. Discourage Italians from Moscow casinos worth so some work, as this could hurt the reputation of institutions. A website like will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

A couple of years ago Moscow casinos bombed "with group rings", which get the hand mark in the game of poker cards sharpened their rings. Small touches could not be tracked, so the casino introduced new rules - the dealer has the right to stand at the table, only 20 minutes, coming to replace him necessarily change the deck. laguiole-french-knives made a real revolution in the industry.

To combat this phenomenon created multi tracking system by which dealers looking at the table control managers, for those - senior managers change, and above all worth watching major - general manager, above which the Credentials is only the director places. Security in the viewing room for watching videos all at once, the whole process is written in detail on video.