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The first slot machine appeared  in the mid-eighties. It was installed in the lobby of the hotel In tourist. After the completion of "the triumphant march of communism on the planet" gambling in began to grow rapidly, and slot machines could be seen on every corner. Primitive and cheap machines were gradually replaced by sophisticated electronic Slot-machines of new generation. Modern Slot-machine - a computer with lots of features. Many of these machines are connected in a single system the jackpot, which makes the game within the system the maximum benefit to all players.

After the "settlement" a few years ago gaming business in millions of gamblers have turned their attention to the casino, click here to visit some top notch casinos. Virtual Slot-machine is not fundamentally different from real counterparts, and often even surpass them in terms of functionality. It happened because the first machines were designed to sell chewing gum with different taste - strawberry, banana, cherry, etc. Later prizes were issued money, and fruit and berries was added symbol BAR, bell and other .

Playing at online casino has many advantages: no need to go anywhere, you can play at any time and in any game to have on hand all the necessary for a successful game statistics, convenient to collapse on the couch with a laptop and win big money. No wonder today the total number of regular players of different online casinos hundreds of millions of people. Slot machine of the world is real and achievable, but cherished receive cash prizes, not all gamblers. To understand why, it is necessary to analyze the features of the game, originally incorporated in each gaming machine. First, we should consider the fact that all slot machines earn Player. It is earnings with each rotation is the main goal of each "one-armed bandit" in the world, as they are created solely for this task.

For this reason, the advantage of the game is always on the side of the gambling machine and during each rotation of the participants lose some part of the investment. However, this fact does not indicate that the slot machines do not pay their customers or deceive them, slots only distribute the money among all participants in a game of chance, and do it completely at random. heart of each machine is a random number generator, which mixes the characters in the game field and without any dependence and patterns gives the following combinations.