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Casino players are very familiar with three types of roulette differing size of the playing field, the having two zero. There is a legend that the "ferries wheel" invented bored Chinese monk and Pascal lost his soul for the secret to creating an exciting game. This bargain with the devil reminds 666 resulting from the addition of all external numbers. Another story claims that roulette Pascal - is an incidental by-product of his search for a perpetual motion machine. Here is the list of the best bonuses for casino players.

At the heart of roulette with the track is the version, the rules of which associated with zero, well known players. Rules, in the event of even money bets, allow the player to concede defeat, losing half of your winnings or continue the fight. That is, if the ball gets to zero field, the players have a chance to save a portion of the winnings.

Roulette with tracks online casino Solstice an additional track, next door to the main field, allowing players to make additional bets, fixes on a regular gaming space. Location numbers on the roulette wheel it is identical. According to statistics, winning in this game happens more often, but at the expense of individual coefficients paid - a lot more.

It can be played in any team composition or completely alone. Typically, the rules do not cause difficulties. Profit is always determined by fortune and some mathematical calculation, but it increases the probability of coverage at the maximum number chips. If the bet chips only to certain numbers, then the chances of success diminish rapidly, unless there is an incredible case. Need to use all possible rates - this will bring victory.

Players who hope to disrupt big jackpot online casino should be aware that all roulette portal work on the principle of generating random numbers and multiply the probability of the planned number is zero. But everything in life there are coincidences, and sometimes drops by twice. "Ferris Wheel sometimes behaves unpredictably. Known case at the "San Juan" when the game fell one by 6 times! This game works wonders: can make a beggar of a millionaire and vice versa. Therefore, betting should still use a specific system.