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It is necessary to apply considerable experience of foreign colleagues that such a heyday gambling industry already passed five years ago and was happy to talk about their cones and discoveries. In American and European segment of the Internet, virtual dedicated gambler leisure, there are many reputable and trustworthy forums, websites, and even offices gambling houses that are ready to discover the secrets and signs of fair play, and even provide lists and rankings the most famous representatives of the gambling business.

Them and not go overseas forums, ratings and difficult to read, and even foreign language casino look scary: suddenly that ignorance is not something you press it - wept money! But such statistics in Russia more than 95% of the population! Did they not learn a foreign language, to go to the foreign sector of the Internet in video poker play! In this particular case we can advise to pay attention to the casino from our rankings. All the casino language . This means that the site, software and technical support fluent in Russian, as well as popular in supported the electronic payment system. 3 of the best casinos in our ranking, you can see the top of this page.

In order not to be unfounded, we refer to the results of sociological research, of which a set of preferences on different nationalities in the virtual world. For example, calculating the population of Germany and Austria has taken an active interest in gambling establishments in the network . Almost every third Internet user there shaved and spends an average of about 50 euros per month, which looks quite decent in terms of profitability industry.

Another definition of a meditative sphere of mathematical statistics gambling - standard deviation ( Engl. Standard Deviation ). The standard deviation of the final result after N rates is the product of the standard deviation for a single bid and the square root of the number made the initial rates in this game session. It is assumed that the size of the rate constant. This concept is used to define the boundaries of the original probabilistic result current game session. Inexorable laws of mathematics and probability that the outcome of the session will be within the 1st standard deviation from expectation is 68.26% (and this is still possible to argue). But the probability that the outcome of the session will be within two standard deviations - 95.46%, and the probability that the outcome of the session will be within 3 standard deviations - 99.74% and it is a killer argument for any statistical calculations.