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Poker a game whose origin is accompanied by a certain number of cards are dealt face up or down. There are two (Texas Hold'em), five ( Omaha , Russian, Oasis Poker) and six variants of the cards ( poker Six ), is also quite popular type is to play Seven Card Stud Poker. Here, by the rules of seven card poker, each player receives seven cards, three of which are closed, that is face down, the other four are dealt right. goal of the game - make the best hand out of five of its available seven cards. All gamers should try for its quality reviews and expert advice that is needed when choosing an online or mobile casino app.

In Seven Card Stud can play from 2 to 8 players . In theory, if none of the players will not fold their cards until the last round, the maximum number of cards should be 7, but the cards will not be enough for all 8 players. Round goes clockwise, the role of the dealer goes around the circle, it indicates "Baton".

Slot Machine

Slot machines are widely distributed in almost every country in the world. The first models were mechanical - to launch the game, you need to pull the handle on the housing of the machine that resembles a human hand. Winning in the machines was not always and not for everyone. Hence the name - the one-armed bandit. Now replace the mechanical design slot machines came equipped with an electronic control system. Touch screen, excellent graphics, interesting plot of the game, a variety of different bonus games, support functions and the ability to customize the machine under its own style of play make the game not only exciting, but also profitable under certain skills.

First slot machines appeared in the nineteenth century in the United States. They had only three drum with pictures , which began to rotate after the player has resulted in the automatic action. When the drum stops rotating, through the window you could see the pictures. If the drawings on them match, the player has the win. If the images match three reels win was more if the two - less. Also mattered what specific images form a winning combination.