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So it is human nature that scammers exist in any kind of activity, and even fraud in the sphere of gambling in casinos is a very common theme. By and large, it is practically impossible to beat the dealer, but each gambling establishment, there are some features that you can use, so to speak, "for free". Naturally, it concerns only the real casinos as virtual institutions apply these secrets can not be due to lack of direct contact of the player with the dealer. Yes and free booze from a computer or machine, you do not wait.

The most popular way - "breakdown", which can now try out of four people in a game of cards. Applied this method to the newcomers casino such as that just opened. Two players involved in the game of poker itself, two more watching the game as a fan and interested freely sauntering foreign visitor. Fraudsters on hand in this game, the fact that the cards here fall into their hands, in contrast, for example, Black Jack. In this game, no bluffing and no pressure money card open equally to the dealer and combinations are compared. While walking between tables can make good profit. In addition, in order to attract foreigners to the casino, as a rule, the lowest exchange rate. So this is the best way, if necessary, acquire currency.

Fraud occurs on the following schedule: at the moment the highest bid manager overseeing several tables distracted free visitor and interested guests should distract dealer. Sitting at the monitor screen video controllers must also not see how players instantly exchanged cards so that one of them to create a tangible advantage of many promotions. Synchronous and clean movement, comparable with deft passes magician help to get one of the strongest combination of scams.

Thus, the actions of "punch" brigade casino "Metropolis" lost tens of thousands of dollars. View record in slow motion and it is not immediately able to help determine the time of the exchange cards. It is known that the criminal pulls on the scene, this stung dozens of scams. "Metro Kim" varmint luckier - they are allowed to play again when they returned a couple of days to check whether they calculated the fraud casino. This was done with the aim to recover their money, and, in part, the casino has achieved this success.