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Five-card poker with the exchange or Draw (Draw Poker) is well known throughout the world for films about the good old cowboys, as well as "Maverick" and "Bluff". It is this kind of poker was the main more than a century ago, but later it was superseded initially species flocks, and after Hold'em and Omaha . As a result, today a five-card draw poker has only in the largest online poker poker rooms , and rarely even there are enough tables at low rates (no more than 5/10 dollars). Anyway, after watching the film novice became interested in this kind of game, as should briefly describe the strategy of the game itself. It now goes on five-card poker with only one exchange. Today, the network found a little more than limit games, followed by pot-limit games and quite a few unlimited. Key strategies and general principles of these species are very similar, although the standard all the reasons mentioned below will apply only to the limit varieties.

With regard to the table for five-card poker , the classic version is designed for eight people, but now in the online version of the most popular is the game so to speak shorthanded with six participants. Proceeding from the above, you should consider a strategy. If you ever lucky enough to get a table for a complete classic, add one player in the middle and early position, they will be a similar strategy. By the way, the strategy to draw the packer is important no less than in other poker games, you should not forget this!

So, the game should go in early position only in the case when you're holding a pair of aces or would have something better. With all this, limp is not recommended, it is best to enter initially raise to as early as possible could take the pot and not risk a further continuation of the game without any position (this recommendation can be attributed to other positions, if you have first enter the game - should be lifted). As for the middle position, then there are added kings - jacks and ladies. If we talk about the button, you can enter the game with nines and anything above that. This is one of the rarest of positions where you have to play it limp, but your strategy can be updated based on the information on the big blind. Being in this position, raise the stakes against limpers, stands on his hands if there is a pair of kings and above, but if the game has only MB, then you can spend semibluff raise consisting of a wide range of hands.