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Prohibited methods at cards promise a good jackpot, which irresistibly attracts adventurers. And lately more and more often leads to big trouble. Because the casino a lot of money and your safety gambling establishment does not skimp. Actually easier to cheat the state than casinos, and easier to take the punishment from the state.

I mean in real life differs only as online casinos do not like gambling establishment of concrete and glass. Card cheats and scammers have a long history, which, passing through the centuries, has now acquired a romantic flair - a skilled and lucky card sharpie idle perceived by the public as a romantic outlaw, a kind of "Robin Hood" - resourceful fighter against injustice and evil. Hollywood readily exploited this theme. For example, remember the movie "21" with Kevin Spacey in the role of the head, where he plays a college professor who introduces his best students to the art of card counting. The film professor taught his excellent team, went to Las Vegas and there plucked a big jackpot.

Everything in life is not as romantic as in the movies , but the prospect of a casino cheat doomed to about the same ending: in a real casino employees are closely watching those who they suspect, or is engaged in trying to count cards. For all gaming halls very skillfully arranged with a broad overview of the camera, which records all and at the slightest suspicion of a scam record rises and analyzed by specialists. So, if anyone happens to cheat the casino, only with more luck and only once.

Apart from the card counting crooks popular and less intelligent ways of cheating: the substitution rate and labeled maps. In poker, the substitution rate method known as "past posting": player, appreciating their perspective quietly replaces chips bet on lower esteem at a loss, or more valuable chips, increasing the gain.

The Internet is already firmly entrenched in our daily lives, and in fact has only recently. Many still remember dial-up, constant disconnections and rampant viruses and terrible daring hackers over the vast expanses of the virtual world. The process of becoming online entertainment industry has not escaped the chaos and lawlessness: audacious hackers broke newborns online casinos and greedy owners virtual "one-armed bandits" Screw machines for the maximum percentage of profit at the expense of unsuspecting customers.