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Five Card Draw PokerDraw ( Draw Poker ) - once the most popular form of poker. Then this niche occupied Texas Hold'em . The goal - to get the strong hand of five cards. Moreover, in the original version of draw poker game took place without an exchange. Some advise to start playing poker with this its variants. Draw Poker is not too common in casinos and poker clubs, but for home games offline ideal.

Dealer position, as in other forms of poker, defines dealer chip ( Dealer Button ). She then passed clockwise to the next player. Make a mandatory tender. The game begins with the distribution of five "closed" cards. Next round of betting occurs. You make your move - fold (leave the game), call (equalize) or raise (increase the bet).

If the cards you have received, you are not satisfied after the first round of betting, you can a few of them (maximum of three) to replace the other. Thinking you have 30 seconds. If after this time you do not throw off the card, you will automatically be switched to the position «pat» (as if it were dropped 0 cards).

In this case, you can no longer equalize or raise. Virtually all of this is simply. You click the mouse on the map that you want to reset and presses «Discard". Before you click this button, and within the allotted time, you can change your mind and cancel the selection of any of the cards.

Round of betting ends. All players reveal cards and the winner is determined. Here everything is quite simple. Wins best combination of 5 cards. If several players have the same combination (color card not included), split the pot. That's it. Play 5 Card Draw Poker you can on PokerStars . Well, like any other form of poker in a draw game, the main thing - practice, practice and more practice. Good luck!