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We all know that from the, all the traditional casino halls and slot machines were closed according to the decision of the Russian government, or rather - not just closed, but should be transferred to a specially equipped recreation in several regions of Russia. The fact that they do not at the moment totally unprepared - no one cares. Nevertheless, gambling establishments in the usual sense of the word we all cities of ceased to exist for 1 day. Together with them and ceased to exist and all of us are familiar games like Caribbean Poker, oasis, Hold'em and many other kinds of entertainment this wonderful card, which abounded terrestrial places.

As we all know, poker club or online, it's fun against other players, i.e. not against the dealer (the casino slot machine or something) and it was against the same players, just like you. Interest "institution" here only to provide tables, cards, chips and other accessories and the levying of charges for it in the prescribed percentage of the total amount of the bank played out each bank (rake). There are several basic and most popular forms of entertainment this card is the "Texas Hold'em", Omaha, 5 Card Stud, and a few others, but less common.

Absolute world leaders is Texas Hold'em poker, this game brings millions of people of all ages and faiths, constantly tournaments with huge prize pools, and broadcast these events major sports channels. So, casinos in Russia (together with the existing gambling there) was closed, but the representatives of the gaming community are fighting for the recognition of this type of card entertainment sport and its inclusion in the Olympic program (this, of course, is from the evil one). Between the concepts of sport and gambling establishments, there is a great gulf fixed, so they try to drag this entertainment on the other side - sport.

If you look closely at the halls where the game of poker club, they are not much different from the situation casino. There are no windows, the light dimmed hours nowhere, with green baize tables, the dealer, and a lot of players around him + to all this entertainment with a few modified rules - why not a simple gambling establishment draws the mouth