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Bonus in Online Casino

Bonuses in online casinos the online casinos , so you'll be able to get bonuses. Bonuses are money that will be given to you by online casinos, sometimes for free, sometimes in exchange for a deposit you make. Be aware that the bonuses are benefits that players are crazy in general but they are often misinformed about them. It is for this reason that we decided to do a special item for you to present them.

Why offer bonuses to players? Online casinos are the only ones offering bonuses, the casinos do not. It would be inappropriate to ask for a bonus when you make a deposit in a physical casino. Anyway, casinos have been there so the perfect way to attract players to their establishment. It has also become a war between some institutions which are only increasing their welcome pack for players prefer them to their competitors. It's a technique that works because we see an institution receives more customers when it displays a significant bonus for the welcome.

You will find several types of bonuses in your casino. At first, let us look at these bonuses and on what occasion you can get. Welcome Bonus you receive when you sign in online casino. It is often the most attractive of the range, it allows you to triple, quadruple your initial bet and can reach several thousand. The bonus with Cosmik eg reached € 5,555, which is huge. Where large sums like this, then it is possible that the bonus is divided into three classes. reload bonus: also called "deposit." You receive when you make a new deposit into the casino. This is for players who can not do without a bonus. We believe that there is possibility to always negotiate the rate with the casino, especially if you are a regular player. Loyalty Bonus: all starts in the month the casino is the sum of your deposits from the previous month and you offer free , no deposit required, a percentage of this amount, for example 10% or 15%. referral bonus: when you get to bring a new player in the casino, it offers a reward. It will usually € 50, which is very beneficial for the player who receives them. Other bonuses are available in casinos and each of them also invent their own promotions. We invite you to always have a look in the "promotion" of your casino.